Week #2 Update

Most of us will be confining ourselves to our homes for the weeks, perhaps months to come. And even though it feels as if the world is grinding to a halt, this doesn’t mean you have to sit around and stare at the ceiling fan all day. These strange times are a great opportunity to get some writing done! That’s why, last week, I started the Online Writing Cafe, a virtual co-working space for writers.

The Online Writing Cafe is a space where you can hang out with others like you and write your stories in peace. It’s a distraction-free space where writing gets done.

We work in 25-minute-long Pomodoro sprints, to the sound of other people furiously typing, take a 5-minute break for socializing, and then off we go again.

I would like to invite you to join us for week #2!

Joining Instructions & Schedule

There’s going to be one, three-hour-long session every day, Monday to Friday this week: around lunchtime UK, and morning US time to accommodate folks from around the globe. Feel free to join at any time that’s convenient.

I will be there for each of the sessions so be sure that even if no one else comes, you won’t be sitting there alone.

See if you can attend and add it to your calendar using THIS LINK.

There’s also a slack channel for chat and updates at THIS LINK.

Time to get some writing done!

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